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We’ve all been going through some changes over the past few months, and surely we have been trying to adjust to the new status quo, corona and all. It really goes unsaid that 2020 has been rough. But we’ve been trying our best to do what we do, and that’s picture frame! We are grateful to no end for all of you, our loyal customers and framing enthusiasts, for reminding us of the importance of our work and helping us stay afloat when businesses are really struggling to keep their doors open…

Before 2020, we were at a peak in progress within our company, gaining momentum on expanding our Bay Area Built by Cheap Pete’s lines of frames, updating our stores to be more in-this-century, and beginning our search for a bigger production facility to house our growing team and growing number of orders. Thanks to you, we haven’t stopped. We aren’t out of the game, and we continue to look forward to bigger and better things.

You may have noticed over the past year+ (and now, up at the top of this webpage) that our logo has changed from CHEAP PETE’S Picture Frame Factory to CP PHOTOS & FRAMES. This change simply reflects the changes that have been and that are happening in our company, as we really are moving forward and refocusing our efforts.

Rest assured that we are still the same company.

We’re under the same ownership, we still offer the same quality, and we still offer the same level of service–with all the new health and safety requirements, of course. We’re just…growing up.

We want to put more focus on our own products, rather than the runoffs or overstocks of other companies’ frames. We want to emphasize our high quality and attention to detail, rather than mislead with a word like “cheap” in our name. We want to reflect and follow the trends of today’s styles.

One of the changes that is coming VERY soon: A brand new Cheap Pete’s website!

Our new website, still to be found at cheappetes.com, is clean and sparkly, offering a simple yet extensive shopping experience. Our full line of Bay Area Built by Cheap Pete’s frames are available for purchase for shipping or store pickup, as well as our lines of pre-cut 4-ply and 8-ply mats and supplies.

The newest feature added to our site is the Upload & Design Framing page, where you can upload your photo and design with our most popular mats and frames. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally custom framing online! (NOTE: The custom framing feature is currently only available for desktop browsers. We’re working hard to launch a seamless mobile experience. Stay tuned!)

You can continue shopping right here while this site is still online. But soon, when you type in cheappetes.com, you’ll be seeing something shiny and new.

Let’s get it done!

We’re so excited for you to see what other changes we have coming. Our product lines are growing and our stores are looking better too. Keep on framing, and we’ll be here to help you get your art and photos onto your walls, where they should be!